Pantone® Colour Chart

PMS Color Matching Disclaimer: The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a system shared world wide by the graphic arts industry and was created to make a uniform standard for spot colors. You may view this screen to help specify a certain PMS number to use with your job. However, you should note that every computer monitor varies slightly in color. To ensure an accurate PMS match, you should consult an actual PMS color swatch book.

Also note, there can be very drastic differences in color when you choose a PMS color and then print the job as a four-color process. It is highly recommended that if you are going to print four-color, and you have chosen a Pantone color to match, that you have a PMS book that shows a four-color swatch next to the PMS color so you will be aware of possible color shifts.

Bearing the possible colour variations in mind, you may wish to download a copy of the colour chart, for ease of perusal, by clicking on the link below.

PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc., trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc.

Color chart

PANTONE 673 PC C:8 M:51 Y:0 K:0
PANTONE 666 PC C:40 M:39 Y:2 K:5
PANTONE 645 PC C:55 M:24 Y:2 K:8
PANTONE 638 PC C:89 M:0 Y:7 K:0
PANTONE 631 PC C:73 M:0 Y:11 K:0
PANTONE 624 PC C:47 M:6 Y:28 K:18
PANTONE 700 PC C:0 M:38 Y:8 K:0
PANTONE 693 PC C:2 M:33 Y:9 K:6
PANTONE 660 PC C:91 M:53 Y:0 K:0
PANTONE 653 PC C:96 M:59 Y:4 K:17
PANTONE 646 PC C:73 M:30 Y:3 K:10
PANTONE 639 PC C:100 M:1 Y:5 K:5
PANTONE 632 PC C:93 M:2 Y:13 K:6
PANTONE 625 PC C:61 M:10 Y:38 K:32
PANTONE 701 PC C:0 M:53 Y:14 K:0
PANTONE 694 PC C:4 M:43 Y:14 K:12
PANTONE 687 PC C:10 M:48 Y:2 K:7
PANTONE 680 PC C:10 M:43 Y:1 K:2
PANTONE 680 PC C:10 M:43 Y:1 K:2
PANTONE 647 PC C:96 M:53 Y:5 K:24
PANTONE 640 PC C:100 M:11 Y:3 K:16
PANTONE 633 PC C:100 M:6 Y:10 K:28
PANTONE 626 PC C:79 M:17 Y:49 K:56
PANTONE 702 PC C:1 M:72 Y:24 K:2
PANTONE 695 PC C:7 M:56 Y:20 K:23
PANTONE 688 PC C:18 M:63 Y:4 K:11
PANTONE 681 PC C:18 M:57 Y:3 K:8
PANTONE 674 PC C:14 M:71 Y:0 K:0
PANTONE 667 PC C:59 M:58 Y:4 K:12
PANTONE 682 PC C:27 M:76 Y:7 K:21
PANTONE 675 PC C:15 M:94 Y:3 K:12
PANTONE 668 PC C:74 M:73 Y:7 K:
PANTONE 661 PC C:100 M:75 Y:0 K:5
PANTONE 654 PC C:100 M:73 Y:10 K:48
PANTONE 634 PC C:100 M:15 Y:8 K:36
PANTONE 627 PC C:94 M:34 Y:60 K:82
PANTONE 703 PC C:4 M:86 Y:43 K:13
PANTONE 696 PC C:12 M:75 Y:33 K:43
PANTONE 689 PC C:27 M:81 Y:8 K:28
PANTONE 5595 PC C:14 M:1 Y:10 K:4
ANTONE 619 PC C:13 M:17 Y:78 K:
PANTONE 612 PC C:0 M:2 Y:100 K:22
PANTONE 605 PC C:0 M:2 Y:100 K:
PANTONE 5865 PC C:7 M:4 Y:31 K:9
PANTONE 586 PC C:8 M:0 Y:50 K:0
PANTONE 5797 PC C:10 M:3 Y:29 K:8
PANTONE 579 PC C:23 M:1 Y:37 K:2
PANTONE 5793 PC C:16 M:5 Y:28 K:15
PANTONE 641 PC C:100 M:25 Y:0 K:18
PANTONE 5803 PC C:10 M:3 Y:22 K:9
PANTONE 580 PC C:16 M:0 Y:30 K:0
PANTONE 573 PC C:22 M:0 Y:10 K:0
PANTONE 5665 PC C:12 M:3 Y:13 K:8
PANTONE 566 PC C:17 M:0 Y:8 K:0
PANTONE 628 PC C:20 M:0 Y:4 K:0
PANTONE 621 PC C:12 M:1 Y:9 K:2
PANTONE 620 PC C:15 M:20 Y:96 K:48
PANTONE 613 PC C:0 M:4 Y:100 K:30
PANTONE 606 PC C:0 M:6 Y:100 K:14
PANTONE 5875 PC C:5 M:3 Y:26 K:6