BannerUp Plus

The BannerUp Plus is ideal at exhibitions, events, conferences and for sales people on the road. It is excellent for public presentations, especially when you rely on your banner display to function correctly every time!

BannerUp Plus Single​

Width Codes Graphic Heights
250 mm 81130 420 mm
600 mm
1800 mm
880 mm 81115 2060 mm
1000 mm 81116 2060 mm
1200 mm 81117 2060 mm
1500 mm 81118 2060 mm


Double Sided BannerUp Plus 880 (81125)

This "Double Plus" comes with messages in two directions.  Why get noticed only by 50% of the passers-by?  Double Plus will double the effect of your advertising message.  Ideal in the front line of the trade show booth, in shopping malls, etc.  Double Plus is available

  • The graphic banner is well protected in a metal cassette and is simply pulled out.  In less than 1 minute, your presentation is ready. 

When your presentation is over, the system folds down to fit into the standard carry bag.

  • An alternative carry bag with wheels is also available. 

  • Several of the BannerUp Plus systems can be placed side-by-side or connected to create one large image. 

Three 880 mm BannerUp units set up side-by-side above is a good eye-catcher in a company showroom.  Below a 6.5 metre backwall is achieved by connecting eight 880 mm wide BannerUp Plus units. 

  • You can also purchase more banners to alternate messages fast and easily.  These Quick Change Kits are available in all sizes.

    The BannerUp Plus system is regarded as the best system on the market by many of our clients.  You will most likely will not get a better value for money product then the Mark Bric BannerUp Plus.


Each BannerUp Plus offers:

  • Patented graphic quick-change
  • High quality carry bag
  • Top quality - no compromise
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Multi-height capability
  • Side-by-side connection

*****Out of the 100,000's of BannerUp Plus systems sold worldwide, less than 0.1% have been returned as faulty!

The BannerUp Plus system also comes with additional options:

  • BannerUp hard case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Transport strap
  • Halogen spotlight
  • Additional BannerUp Plus bags for any standard size
  • Extension poles

Features of BannerUp Plus in Video and PDF formats can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.