About Us

WA Pennants and Flags was the first company in Western Australia to supply Pennants, Flags and accessories. Since then we supplied Premier Flags (Sail) to different automotive dealers in and outside Western Australia, Pennants to a good number of used or pre­ owned dealers as well as Festival Flags to Park and Events, Custom made flags for schools, Different National Flags for display and more. Our products range from Flags, Banners, Streamers (Bunting), Flexirame Displays, We supply all types of flags: Feather Flags, Festival Flags, Horizontal Flags, National Flags, Premier Flags and Vertical Flags. We supply all types of Banners: Teardrop Banners, Sign Banners, Display Banners, Roster Banners, Windscreen Banners and Retractable Banners. We supply all types of Streamers (Bunting): Australian Printed Bunting, Boundary Bunting, Bunting Colours, Bunting Profiles, Custom Printed Bunting, Flash Bunting, International Printed Bunting, Printed Bunting, Shimmer Bunting and Wave Bunting. We supply Accessories like Openers, Poles, Spigots and Stands. FlagDisplays.com supplies vast range of flags in the Feather, Festival, Horizontal, National, Premier, or Vertical categories.