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FlagDisplays.com has a wide range of stock and custom printed Festival Flags which are suitable for:

  • outdoor occasions
  • sporting events
  • fetes
  • cultural festivals
  • parades
  • parties
  • weddings
  • clubs

The Festival Flags are available for purchase or hire. FlagDisplays.com also supplies the accessories that go with the Festival Flags:

  • telescopic poles for ease of transport
  • spigots
  • bases which can be water or sand-filled.

Single-coloured Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Dual-coloured Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Multi-coloured Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Pennant Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Tails Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Floral Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


These Festival Flags are either screen-printed or airbrushed.



Dragon Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com


Occasional Festival Flags by Flagdisplays.com

Sale FB4SR & FB4SL Sale FB6SR & FB6SL
Santa Hats FB4SH Santa Hats FB6SH


They are available in 450 cm (plus 50 cm tail) and 600 cm (plus 100 cm tail) sizes. The 100 cm (plus 20 cm tail) is also available.



FlagDisplays.com supplies Telescopic Fibreglass Poles for the Festival Flags in the following lengths:

  • 3 metre
  • 5 metre
  • 6 metre
  • 7 metre
  • 9 metre

Spigots can also be supplied.


Spigots are driven into the ground to support the Telescopic Fibreglass poles used for the Festival Flags.

Full Spigot
Spigot in the Ground
The Top of the Spigot
The Bottom of the Spigot


FlagDisplays.com supplies bases that are easily transported. The bases can be filled with water to 27 kg and sand can be added to increase the base weight.


Colour Options

Light Green FB4GL Light Green FB6GL
Dark Green FB4GD Dark Green FB6GD
Picture to come Cream FB4C Cream FB6C
Lemon FB4L Lemon FB6L
Gold FB4Y Gold FB6Y
Orange FB4O Orange FB6O
White FB4W White FB6W
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Red FB4R Red FB6R
Clear Blue FB4BL Clear Blue FB6BL
Light Blue FB4BM Light Blue FB6BM
Dark Blue FB4BD Dark Blue FB6BD
Black FB4K Black FB6K
Brown FB4Br Brown FB6Br
Purple FB4P Purple FB6P
Light Pink FB4PL Light Pink FB6PL
Hot Pink FB4PD Hot Pink FB6PD
Maroon FB4Ma Maroon FB6PMa

Approximate Colours

Lime Green
Hot Pink
Pastel Blue
Dark Blue
Leaf Green

Please quote the respective codes in your order or query. Thank you.