Feather Flags

Our Feather Flags are tall and with 75cm width down the majority of the flag, they're the right product to get your message across. To cover all your requirements we supply a fully sewn or printed version. The Fully Sewn Feather Flag is just that: fully sewn. It really is the best quality available, from materials through to workmanship. The printed version is the full colour option for indoor use. So which one is right for your requirements? In general, if it's for outside use, go straight for the Fully Sewn Feather option If your campaign is 6 months or shorter, and depending on your design, you may find the printed option more appropriate for your outdoor requirements but this will compromise the colour vibrancy of the Sewn Feather. The Printed Feather's full colour option will weather as it ages. The table below compares the properties of the two types of Feathers and we've added in the Teardrop as a further option.

Which Feather is for you?

Requirement Fully Sewn Printed Teardrop
Outdoors Years Months Months +
Content Loud statement Information Less Information
Colour Vibrant both sides Full colour Full colour
Traffic Vehicular or pedestrian Pedestrian Pedestrian
Movement A class of its own Some Minimal
Pricing By design Quantity dependent Quantity dependent
Setup None Charged Charged
Design 2 hours free per flag Half hour text and artwork placement included Half hour text and artwork placement included
Warranty Fabric repaired free None None
Area Full 75cm width Full 75cm width Tapered
Reverse side Mirror image Mirror image Mirror or True image
Uniqueness Individually handmade Artwork dependent Artwork dependent

For product specific details, click on a column heading.

The 340 cm Printed Feather Flag is a popular version of the printed Feather Flag. The stock items are considerably more affordable. These Feather Flags are printed in two ways:

  • Fully screen printed - has a better finish as the ink fully bleeds through the fabric giving it a similar finish on both sides.
  • Digitally printed - more easily customised as smaller quantities can be printed economically

Here is a range of the Printed Feather Flag at FlagDisplays.com. Don't forget! We can customise to your needs, if you don't find the flag you are after below. Please also enquire about other stock items that may not be included on these pages.

  • Full colour budget version of the extreme fully sewn Feather Flag
  • Full 75cm width all the way up the height of the flag
  • Top is flipped to enable the pole to support the flag